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Deep Green Resistance believes our current civilization needs to be dismantled and replaced by thousands of cultures that are fully integrated into their local ecosystems. Deep Green Resistance has a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet—and win.

Every day that we allow this culture to carry on its destructive path is another day of death and suffering for millions of living things. That’s why we are joining together to make a difference and stop this violence against the natural world.

“If half the animals died in London zoo next week it would be front page news,” said Professor Ken Norris, ZSL’s director of science. “But that is happening in the great outdoors. This damage is not inevitable but a consequence of the way we choose to live.”

“We have lost one half of the animal population and knowing this is driven by human consumption, this is clearly a call to arms and we must act now,” said Mike Barratt, director of science and policy at WWF.

Answer the call. Be a part of the solution.

Dr. John O’Connor is the family physician who first identified higher-than-average cancer rates and rare forms of cancer in communities downstream of the Alberta oilsands.

The first signs came from the animals, he says, The local muskrat population began to die off. They became harder to find, and when they were found, they were often dead or the meat would smell like oil and taste bad.

“[Local fishers] talked about the fish that they were catching with increasing regularity,” O’Connor said. “These fish had deformities and missing parts and extra parts. Fish with red blotches all over them. Fish didn’t taste the same. Many of the elders, traditional food consumers, threw the fish back into the lake.”

Robert Grandjambe Jr., a trapper and fisher in Fort Chipewyan, displays sick fish from Lake Athabasca. Photo by Kris Krug for

DGR is part of the international movement to stop the expansion of the tarsands. Find out more about what we do:

Only a few generations ago, the plains were covered with herds of buffalo so large they took days to pass by. Wiping out most of the buffalo brought great wealth to some whites and starvation to many natives.

Now buffalo are returning, and indigenous people are reclaiming their heritage and re-asserting their responsibility to defend the land.

Be part of this culture shift. Get involved:

In this short video, members of Deep Green Resistance outline the strategic framework that guides our activism.

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Andrea Dworkin described well how being anti-porn is not censorship, it is fighting for the freedom and safety of women: “Pornography plays a big part in normalizing the ways in which we are demeaned and attacked, in how humiliating and insulting us is made to look natural and inevitable. I would like you especially to think about these things. Number one: pornographers use our bodies as their language. Anything they say, they have to use us to say. They do not have that right. They must not have that right. Number two: constitutionally protecting pornography as if it were speech means that there is a new way in which we are legally chattel. If the Constitution protects pornography as speech, our bodies then belong to the pimps who need to use us to say something. They, the humans, have a human right of speech and the dignity of constitutional protection; we, chattel now, moveable property, are their ciphers, their semantic symbols, the pieces they arrange in order to communicate. We are recognized only as the discourse of a pimp. The Constitution is on the side it has always been on: the side of the profit-making property owner even when his property is a person defined as property because of the collusion between law and money, law and power. The Constitution is not ours unless it works for us, especially in providing refuge from exploiters and momentum toward human dignity. Number three: pornography uses those who in the United States were left out of the Constitution. Pornography uses white women, who were chattel. Pornography uses African-American women, who were slaves. Pornography uses stigmatized men; for instance, African-American men, who were slaves, are often sexualized by contemporary pornographers as animalistic rapists. Pornography is not made up of old white men. It isn’t. Nobody comes on them. They are doing this to us; or protecting those who do this to us. They do benefit from it; and we do have to stop them.” Read more: Deep Green Resistance works to end abuse at the personal, organizational, and cultural levels. We also strive to eradicate domination and subordination from our private lives and sexual practices. Pornography has no place in a healthy culture of resistance. We are unapologetically anti-porn. Read more of our Guiding Principles:

from Deep Green Resistance

Inspirational stories by Deep Green Resistance member William Falk on life and death:

"The struggle against a pornographic culture is central to the dismantling of men’s weaponized sexuality. And yet pro-feminist men (and just about anyone else discussing the issue) are still hesitant to make any kind of connection between men watching sexual abuse on the internet and men, you know, perpetuating sexual abuse on the internet." -Jonah Mix

Deep Green Resistance works to end abuse at the personal, organizational, and cultural levels. We also strive to eradicate domination and subordination from our private lives and sexual practices. Pornography has no place in a healthy culture of resistance.

The following guidelines are to encourage male activists to change their behavior and to better ally themselves with women. Male activists have been socialized into a culture of domination, and are just as liable to carry, practice, and reproduce patriarchy.

“The land is not for sale. She is to be loved and defended,” say the FPDT (Peoples Front in Defense of the Land)… Calling again for solidarity, they say, “We need the hands of everyone,” adding that, “We know that we alone cannot free ourselves from the infamy perpetrated against us… and that is why we ask for your solidarity with our peoples and communities.”

As non-Indigenous people, we are occupying stolen land in an ongoing genocide that has lasted for centuries. We must affirm our responsibility to stand with Indigenous communities who want support and give everything we can to protect their land and culture from further devastation; they have been on the frontlines of biocide and genocide for centuries, and as allies, we need to step up and join them.

Indigenous and Aboriginal peoples are better at looking after their environment than anyone else, but they are being illegally evicted from their ancestral homelands in the name of “conservation.”

"The fact that areas inhabited by indigenous peoples are often also deemed crucial for conservation has been the focus of long-standing conflict and debate."

In order to stand in solidarity with tribal peoples, we must understand the nuances of cultural survival that industrialists downplay. We must also understand the difference between traditional hunters and urban-based poaching profiteers. We must listen to the voices of tribal peoples - as well as non-human species - who are being forced off their lands on every continent, often by well-meaning conservationists. This dislocation is quickly followed on by heavy industrial exploitation of the land via diamond mines, fracking, rare earth mineral mines, and palm oil exploitation to name a few industrial activities that quickly occur once tribal people are forcibly relocated and cultural genocide is instituted.

The moment civilization ends indigenous peoples will immediately be better off.

"Go back in your life to think about the hottest, most traumatic event you have experienced," [Camilo] Mora said in an interview with the New York Times recently. "What we are saying is that very soon, that event is going to become the norm."