Deep Green Resistance

Deep Green Resistance believes our current civilization needs to be dismantled and replaced by thousands of cultures that are fully integrated into their local ecosystems. Deep Green Resistance has a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet—and win.

We are fighting to restore what our ancestors took for granted - fresh water, clean air, healthy food, living ecosystems. It will take as many of us as we can recruit, and all the strategy we can muster.

One person can make a difference, if she joins with others who believe radical change is needed now, and if they come together with an effective plan. DGR has such a plan. Find out more:

We are battling those who are destroying the planet for the sake of short-term profit. It is a sacrifice for many, and not everyone can participate on the frontlines because of families, children, or because other vulnerabilities But we all can contribute at some level. Here’s your opportunity to invest in long-term survival of the planet. Help Fund the Resistance!

REAL: Resistance Education At Libraries helps you and your friends “Suggest a purchase” to your local libraries for three foundational works of the Deep Green Resistance and strategic anti-civ movement:

-Deep Green Resistance
-Endgame by Derrick Jensen,
-END:CIV by Franklin Lopez.

Please help us make these inspiring works more accessible to people who find them by accident or seek them out after hearing about Deep Green Resistance and anti-civ activism. Thanks!

ORV (off road vehicle) damage is just another example of privileged access to limited and stolen resources.

"One reason why opposition to ORVs and the destruction they cause is so feeble and inadequate is because opponents are portrayed by ORV groups as wealthy elitists trying to corner access to common lands at their expense. This human-centered framing entirely discards other beings’ lives that depend on the land and water at stake.

Unfortunately, potential defenders seem to be disarmed by this tactic.”

DGR members will be tabling at the Green City Musical Fest - two days of music, art, and community in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah this September 26th & 27th. Come by our table and say hi!

Check out the website for the official 2 day line up & info on all festivities. Please share with any friends in Utah!

"According to the bulletin, the globally averaged amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 396 parts per million (ppm) in 2013, an increase of almost 3ppm over the previous year."

"Atmospheric CO2 is now at 142% of the levels in 1750, before the start of the industrial revolution."

"The bulletin suggests that in 2013, the increase in CO2 was due not only to increased emissions but also to a reduced carbon uptake by the Earth’s biosphere. The scientists at the WMO are puzzled by this development. That last time there was a reduction in the biosphere’s ability to absorb carbon was 1998, when there was extensive burning of biomass worldwide, coupled with El Nino conditions."

"We are running out of time."

Take action:

Find the others - you know them, your near & dear, the ones you trust. Have conversations-that-matter. What do you love? Who do you love? What you are willing to do to defend what you love?

The hour is late. The only way to find the best outcome is to confront our dire situation head on, in the way that is appropriate for our circumstances, skills, and capacity. Gather your heart, and all its courage; fletch love into an arrow that will not bend; and take aim.

“Stand with me. Stand and fight. I am one, and we would be two. Two more might join and we would be four. When four more join we will be eight. We will be eight people fighting whom others will join. And then more people. And more. Stand and fight.”
~ Derrick Jensen

Learn about DGR membership here:

Image: Spotted owlets Kanha National Park, India

Indigenous people are living on the frontlines, and doing the work necessary to protect their land from invaders. It is the responsibility of all settlers to stand up and support them.

“We are running out of time. Past, present and future CO2 emissions will have a cumulative impact on both global warming and ocean acidification. The law of physics are non-negotiable.”
-Michel Jarraud, Secretary General of World Meteorological Organisation