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Deep Green Resistance believes our current civilization needs to be dismantled and replaced by thousands of cultures that are fully integrated into their local ecosystems. Deep Green Resistance has a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet—and win.

People have always fought to defend the land. Warrior societies like this one in Western Canada are responsible for protecting people and communities and guarding against threats to their way of life. Deep Green Resistance supports the warriors and stands in solidarity with indigenous people against destruction and genocide. Find out more:

For some, “earth raper” is not a metaphor. For centuries, European cultures (for example) have systematically deprived women of their humanity and spread male domination around the world. Conquistadors (to name one group) seized land from indigenous people and forced both men and women to labor. Women of “breeding age” got special treatment - they also labored to bring forth the next generation of slaves born of rape.

Of course, a primary goal of these invaders was pillaging the earth for gold and precious gems. Stripping the land for trees and game, killing people, and destroying villages to enslave the inhabitants were just means to an end.

"The rape of the world" could be viewed as a metaphor. It can also be seen as the literal truth.

Deep Green Resistance challenges the power structures that prop up this destructive society. We recognize that stopping industrial civilization also means dismantling patriarchy and ending the ability of men to violate women and the living earth. Only then can the world be at peace.

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There is no longer any excuse for ignoring the threat to the planet’s ecosystems. Those who try to deny and delay are collaborating with the forces of destruction. We must take down those in power who direct and profit from this madness.

Like the Cowboys and Indians Alliance that launched this year in the United States, groups that were once working at cross-purposes to each other are now teaming up to confront the real enemy.

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Derrick Jensen interviews Charles Derber, the author of People Before Profit, Marx’s Ghost, Sociopathic Society, The Wilding of America and more than a dozen other books. Derber is considered one of today’s leading public intellectuals and he’s been called the intellectual heir to C. Wright Mills.

"The planet’s current biodiversity, the product of 3.5 billion years of evolutionary trial and error, is the highest in the history of life. But it may be reaching a tipping point. Scientists caution that the loss and decline of animals is contributing to what appears to be the early days of the planet’s sixth mass biological extinction event."

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"Radical feminists reject the notion of a “female brain.” They believe that if women think and act differently from men it’s because society forces them to, requiring them to be sexually attractive, nurturing, and deferential. In the words of Lierre Keith, a speaker at Radfems Respond, femininity is “ritualized submission”."

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“Stand with me. Stand and fight. I am one, and we would be two. Two more might join and we would be four. When four more join we will be eight. We will be eight people fighting whom others will join. And then more people. And more. Stand and fight.”
—@Derrick Jensen

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Deep Green Resistance supports and will continue to support the Unist’ot’en Camp through fundraisers, work details, media, and caravans to support the camp. Salute to these brave land defenders!

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting the Unist’ot’en Camp or participating in our solidarity campaigns.

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