Deep Green Resistance

Deep Green Resistance believes our current civilization needs to be dismantled and replaced by thousands of cultures that are fully integrated into their local ecosystems. Deep Green Resistance has a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet—and win.

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Derrick Jensen interviews Kristen Iversen on Resistance Radio:

Kristen Iversen is the author of Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Nation, and many other journals and publications. She directs the PhD program in Creative Nonfiction at the University of Cincinnati.

"[A]ny of us living on land claimed by the United States is living on land stolen away in some manner from indigenous people. Those of us who are settlers need to recognize that we are the beneficiaries of genocide and colonialism. And we need to use what privileges we have to assist indigenous people in their quest for justice and a liveable future. In spite of everything, indigenous people are still here, and are still trying to navigate living amidst a culture of occupation that is seeking to destroy them.

More than this, we need to start abandoning the myths the dominant culture has been teaching us for so long, myths that highlight the courageous, manly exploits of genocidal settlers, and overlook what their ‘settling’ of the landscape looked like to those whose land they were invading. It’s a story that will justify absolutely anything– genocide, ecocide, murder, rape, kidnapping, slavery, torture– in the name of civilization.”

“I’m very concerned that GE trees would impact our future generations and their traditional uses of trees. Our basket makers, people that use wood for the natural colors of our clay work–there would be no natural life, no cycle of life in GE tree plantations,” said Lisa Montelongo of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee.

Climate change is killing and dispossessing people NOW.

"Fijian protester George Nacewa had earlier told Guardian Australia the effects of climate change were ‘really evident back at home with coastal erosion and in terms of sea-level rise’.

'To date there has been the relocation of two villages, they’ve moved further inland,' he said. 'That’s Fiji alone, and the other Pacific islands are more affected because most of them are just atolls.'

'We lose our cultural identity and we lose our land, because we identify ourselves with the land and the ocean,' he said.”

Whilst this is UK in focus, the same rules concerning state subsidy of corporations holds true for the USA and other nations. Well worth a read if you are sick of the derogatory statements about “welfare queens”, and the lies of felling old growth forests as the country needs the money.

You, tax payers all of you, are paying welfare to these corporations. They are not job creators, they are wealth hoarders. This is not a recession, this is a robbery.

Last week we held a contest for our readers, and challenged them to share the reasons why they resist.

Our winners are Elizabeth Alex Stevenson, Diren Dominic, Peter Doerfer, Dill Emma, and Majadi Baruti, with honorable mention to our own Rachel Ivy.

These winners will each receive a free copy of the book, Deep Green Resistance.

Elizabeth Alex Stevenson: I am a Deep Green Resister because I’m tired of the human centric attitude of entitlement. We’re dependent on the Earth and Mother Nature, not the other way around. This page works tirelessly to open the minds of resisters everywhere and let them know we’re all in this together. We must come together and stop the rampant warfare against race, class, and nature that society continues to perpetrate. At this point society will kill every living thing on this planet if allowed. As a Deep Green Resister I will stand with my fellows to stop the destruction and to spread truth to the masses.

Rachel Ivy: I am a Deep Green Resister because a movement that does not hear or heed the voices of women is not a movement for justice.

Diren Dominic: I am a Deep Green Resister because I believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that current and future generations, of all living beings, have access to the essential, unpolluted necessities of life.

Dill Emma: I am a Deep Green Resister because I see Trees before Wood .

Peter Doerfer: I am a Deep Green Resister because it is what we must do. Our home is sacred and it is being damaged and desecrated and becoming full with delusion. Earth lives and we live with it; It must be saved from from all our destruction. Our children will have children, and they will have children, their children will also have children. Our great grand children will have great grand children, and us, their future ancestors at this serious turning point, should care to preserve the one thing that we have in common. Life on Earth, so that we shall not have to suffer and die, so soon.

Majadi Baruti: I am a Deep Green Resister because Resistance is Love, and I am a lover and a fighter!